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Located in Beaverton, Oregon, M&C Autobody & Paint specializes in collision work and custom paint for all makes and models of vehicles throughout Portland metropolitan area. We make the process easy for you by handling all of the work directly with your insurance company. At our company, we know how difficult this process is so we work to get you back in your car as quickly as possible. Our customers are happy with the work they receive, and appreciate the addition of a warranty on paint and parts.

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We are here to exceed your expectations!


M & C Auto Body & Paint staff of auto body technicians and painters have over 25 years of collective experience as estimators and technicians. M & C Autobody & Paint is exceptionally selective about its employees. All workers are experienced and certified. Unlike large shops where a large staff will deliver work of varying quality, D&R’s small staff ensures a consistent level of quality and craftsmanship.


Foremost, M & C Autobody & Paint is about value. Must body and paint repair cost so much? With its relatively low overhead, M & C Autobody & Paint consistently beats the estimates of the big name shops in west Portland. We watch every expense and seek a fair profit from our work and are proud to deliver affordable service to our customers.

Second, the staff at M & C Autobody & Paint take personal pride in their work. You may not notice minor issues like clear coat texture, panel gap consistency, or a slightly unleveled emblem placement, but they will. And if it doesn’t look right, we don’t feel right about the job or ourselves. We enjoy the reward of doing a job correctly.


We seek to be Portland premiere value auto body shop for decades to come…a shop that you can recommend to family members and friends where they will be treated fairly, receive top quality work, and save significant money.


  • OEM parts for your vehicle
  •  High quality products
  • Free loaner car during vehicle service
  • Free estimates, no appointment needed
  • Competitive Rates and Excellent Service
  • We make sure to get job done from start to finish the right way, we don’t rush the process, and we really take care of the details.


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